Print Media

“Immortal Beloveds,” The Weekly Standard.
Review of Dara Horn’s Eternal Life.

“Of Course They Hated Her: The Uncomfortable Honesty of Mary McCarthy,” Commonweal.

“Irregular Loves,” The Weekly Standard.
Review of Sally Rooney’s Conversation with Friends.

“Monumental Woes,” The Hedgehog Review.

“Something More Than Clever,” The Hedgehog Review.
Review of Laura Kipnis’s Unwanted Advances.

“‘This Suffering Business’: The Lives of Robert Lowell & Elizabeth Bishop,” Commonweal.
Review of Megan Marshall’s Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast and Kay Redfield Jamison’s Robert Lowell, Setting the River on Fire.

“Hypocrite,” The Hedgehog Review.

“Simply Seeing,” The Hedgehog Review.

“Everyday Barbara Pym,” First Things.

“What’s Love Got to Do with It?,” The Hedgehog Review.
Review of Rita Felski’s Limits of Critique and Mark Edmundson’s Self and Soul.

“You Are (Not) What You Wear,” Books and Culture.
Review of Betty Luther Hillman’s Dressing for the Culture Wars: Style and the Politics of Self-Presentation in the 1960s and 1970s.

“Are We There Yet?,” The Hedgehog Review.


“The Fine Art of Falling to Pieces,” LitHub.

“The Comedy in Ash and Roses,” Commonweal.

“‘No’ is not enough,” The Week.

“Reconciliation through Beauty?,” Commonweal.

“Teaching a Dog to Talk,” Full Stop.

“The underestimated Kazuo Ishiguro,” The Week.

“America is still treating college sexual assault victims like they’re stupid,” The Week.

“Friends don’t let friends read Hillary Clinton’s new book,” The Week.

“Enough with the ‘forgotten’ writers,” The Week.

“Preserved in Disunity,” Education and Culture.
Review of Deborah Nelson‘s Tough Enough.

“I Was Told There Would Be More,” Comment.
Review of Ben Sasse’s The Vanishing American Adult.

“Two Cultures, At Least,” The Hedgehog Review.

“Sluttery and Shakespeare,” The Hedgehog Review.

“The Boy Who Cried Woolf,” Washington Free Beacon.
Review of James Woods’s The Nearest Thing to Life.

“The Critical Fate of the Major Novel,” The Hedgehog Review.
Not quite a review of Purity.

“Go Get an Editor,” Washington Free Beacon.
Review-essay about Harper Lee.

“The Queen of American Gothic,” New Republic.
Review of a collection of Shirley Jackson books.

“With Friends Like These,” The Hedgehog Review.

“Tipping Points,” The Hedgehog Review.

“What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About When We Talk,” The Hedgehog Review.

“A Bird in the Hand,” Washington Free Beacon.
Review of Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk.

“The Skeletons in England’s Closet,” Washington Free Beacon.
Review of Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Buried Giant.

“Where Moth and Rust Doth Corrupt,” The Hedgehog Review.

“Mirror, Mirror,” The Hedgehog Review.

“Miss Manners and Mr. Manspreader,” The Hedgehog Review.


An Interview with Alan Jacobs, The Hedgehog Review.